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442 West 6th Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508
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  • David Marsh
    May, 31 2019
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Window Mania does not operate in accordance with the laws of the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade and Consumer Protection act or the laws governed by the Federal Trade Commission. They are in violation of many state and federal statutes and have been referred to the authorities for investigation and potential prosecution. They are engaging in illegal contracts which are misleading and fraudulent and place consumers in a position of liability and risk concerning damages to products, homes and consumer product warranties.
    Window Mania makes false claims by providing you with promises of "lifetime" warranties" for products that come with (limited) manufacturer (Non-Transferable) 20 year warranties that cover basic items such as frames and some basic parts or mechanisms of the window components.
    Window Mania is NOT an authorized home improvement product wholesaler or retailer so the normal "End-User" agreement rights for consumers do not exist. What Window Mania does is take your money and then orders your windows or doors from a licensed home improvement product wholesaler or retailer through the use of a separate business account for "Ellis Construction Co." Because Window Mania is not an authorized corporate legal subsidiary of Ellis Construction Co., by law, once the products are purchased by Ellis Construction Co., and received and installed by Window Mania (a unauthorized fantom sub-contractor of Ellis Construction Co.) Ellis Construction Co. is in the clear concerning any future legal concerns that arise from the products being installed because Ellis Construction Co. becomes a “Supplier” in the eyes of the law and as a supplier, they are immune from damages arising in a legal claim.
    Once the products are installed, Window Mania is also in the clear concerning any legal matters that arise as a result of installation because they "technically" have no legal attachment to Ellis Construction Co. and are therefore immune from damages that would normally be covered under End-User agreements because they "legally" didn't purchase the products. In the end, the warranties are void and the consumer is stuck footing the bill for repairs or replacement of the defective products.
    Some further concerns and notes to share would be the fact that Window Mania is engaged in (lead abatement procedures) with the removal and disposal of windows or doors from homes which contain lead paint. Window Mania is NOT a Certified Lead Abatement Firm in accordance with the rules and regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and they hold no lead abatement authorization from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    What this means is that they simply are not licensed to remove and dispose of windows and doors that contain lead paint. In most towns, contractors are required to provide the proper credentials at the time of requesting building permits for home renovations. Window Mania does not obtain the proper required permits prior to completing the work.
    Instead, they place the homeowner at risk for the fines$$$$$ that come along from the codes department and from the EPA when they are caught disposing of the lead based products in the landfills. When a permit search is conducted the homeowner will be stuck with the fines for illegal dumping of lead contaminants-just something to consider!
    If you have been a recent victim of or have been taken advantage of by this company you can contact the Pennsylvania Attorney Generals Office, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Harrisburg Office, 15th Floor, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pa 17120, Phone: (717) 787-9707 or file a "Consumer Complaint" online at: . You can also file a claim against the company by contacting Erie Insurance Company, 4901 Louise Dr., P.O. Box 2013, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, (800) 367-3743, POLICY NO: Q321920942A
  • brandon riordan
    Feb, 28 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I've had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with both the owner, Mike Ellis, and the marketing strategist, Felicia Ellis. The family owned and run business is one I would recommend to all of my friends and family. Their work is great, they have great customer service, and their ability to meet all of my needs exceeded expectations.
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Window Mania

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